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Artfully made Pottery to be enjoyed by all.

Artfully made Pottery to be enjoyed by all.

Artfully made Pottery to be enjoyed by all.Artfully made Pottery to be enjoyed by all.

About The Artist


Useful Art

Each ceramic piece is handmade by Tammy, either thrown on the potter's wheel, or hand-built using slab construction or other methods.  Tammy fashions each piece of pottery with the user in mind, making  quality, artistic pieces that are not only beautiful to look at, but also utilitarian. 


"It took YEARS to make that cup..."

When artists are asked, "How long did it take you to make that ___?",  the answer could be one week, or one month, or even one year, but the true answer is, it has taken years. Tammy has been working at her craft for over 25 years and continually challenges herself with new forms, materials and techniques. She also has been teaching pottery for over 18 years and constantly looks for new and interesting processes to pass on to her students.


A Continuous Process

Tammy believes that making art is a continuous learning process.  Her work changes just as she changes day by day.  She strives to keep herself open to the creative possibilities inherent in clay, that beautiful, earthy, malleable substance!